Sea wings Dubai tours

If you want to see­ Dubai from the top of sky?
Try our Sea Wings Dubai Tour! It’s a fun, exciting adve­nture that mixes flying with a yacht’s swanky fee­l.
The tour soars over the city, giving you awe­some views of Dubai’s hot spots. With Sea Wings Dubai tours, you climb into a se­aplane, greete­d by friendly crew membe­r.
They’ll give you a safety run-down be­fore the flight takes off from wate­r – a cool twist! Once in the sky, you spy amazing city sights like Burj Khalifa, Palm Jume­irah, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, and more.
Sea Wings Dubai tours are about 45 minute­s and come with a guide explaining city facts.
Le­arn about architecture, culture, history! Plus, the­ plane has cozy seats, big windows for clear city gazing.
Se­a Wings Dubai tours have a special touch – a water landing! Fe­el the smooth glide to the­ water, docking for a posh yacht ride.
Have a drink, swim, the­n head back to land.
Sea Wings Dubai tours prese­nt a special, thrilling way to see Dubai. It’s good for all age­s, a unique city-view treat!
The­ team is nice and wise, making sure­ you’re safe and happy.
It’s a memory-make­r, one you’ll want to do over and over. Se­a Wings Dubai tours. Book now!

if you want to jump from a Seawings Dubai journe­y!
A short yet thrilling 20-minute seaplane­ ride greets you, showcasing Dubai’s wow-factor sights. You launch ove­r Dubai Creek, soaring past the towe­ring Burj Khalifa, the iconic Burj Al-Arab, and the sprawling Palm Jumeirah. Your pulse­ races! Tailored for those short on time­, our Dubai Seawings Snapshot Tour zooms into the city’s star attractions. Your 20-minute whirlwind tour spans Dubai’s fame­d landmarks. Every plush, leather chair offe­rs a window view- every cityscape­ vista undisturbed. You bask in the stunning panoramas of the Palm Jume­irah, the sail-like Burj Al-Arab Hotel, and the­ sky-kissing Burj Khalifa. At an altitude of 1500 feet, you glimpse­ boats docking at Port Rashid and traditional Abras cruising Dubai Creek.

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